Whether you are currently recruiting or looking for advice on industry recruitment trends, we are here to help. We provide access to a professional talent pool across all major industries and disciplines, saving you time and money.


Manpowerhk.com is a professional career consultancy specialized in providing quality recruitment services for both clients and candidates in a prompt and professional manner.


We focus on recruiting professionals in the fields of SALES & MARKETING, MANAGEMENT and HUMAN RESOURCES.


Listening YOUR needs :

We work in partnership with our clients to deliver recruitment solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of every organization. We invest considerable time in getting to know our clients’ industries, businesses and corporate cultures. We add value to our clients’ recruitment process by acting as an extended arm of their HR and internal recruitment functions – contributing our specialist knowledge and expertise, facilitating the whole process and managing both client and candidate expectations.


Tailored recruitment solutions :

More than simply searching for potential employees, we work closely with each client to develop human resources strategies to make the organization more productive and competitive. We always strive to work with employers and candidates to facilitate the best match.


We work as a trusted partner with both employers and candidates – leveraging our unrivalled expertise and industry knowledge to ensure the appropriate individuals fill the right roles within our client’s business. We clarify our candidates’ career aspirations, preferences and personalities, thus ensuring not only the right skill match but also the personality and cultural fit leading to mutual satisfaction.


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